Thursday, May 28, 2020

Confessions of a Tupperware Lady

So, I have a confession to make. The year is 2020, and I am a Tupperware lady. Yep, you heard that right. I went from not owning a single piece of Tupperware, to now becoming a consultant.  Herein, I will describe my Tupperware journey with honesty. I'll let you know the million things I love, and the one thing that drives me absolutely crazy, about Tupperware!

Until recently, I knew nothing about Tupperware except what I remembered from my childhood. There's a high level of nostalgia with Tupperware. I can remember my mom's Tupperware containers on the counter as a kid, filled with coffee and tea and sugar, as well as the bright Tupperware bowls and cups. I recall their products lasted forever and hardly ever broke...but, I grew up, I moved out, and I'm pretty sure I haven't heard about someone selling Tupperware for twenty years!

Maria Canavello Mrasek Brunko for your orange and blue kitchen (i ...
Vintage canisters. 

Then, 2020 hit. Suddenly, I found myself in a position where I was working from home, and I was spending all of my leisure time cooking and baking. All of a sudden my sister posts that she is having a Tupperware party. Intriguing!

After taking a look at the Tupperware catalog, I was surprised at how many kitchen gadgets I needed (and wanted). I also watched some of the awesome video demonstrations that the lovely Tupperware consultant posted, and browsed the specials posted to my sister's Facebook page. I started to get hooked. The cooking demos by the consultant were mesmerizing, and I loved how "real" they were. I am already a foodie, and so anything that teaches me how to cook better or faster is quite appealing.

I made a list of the things I really wanted. A few of those items included the Cold Brew Carafe, the Measuring Mates,  as well as the Power Chef. My sister also swears by the Fridge Smarts, so I wanted to try one of those as well. By the time I made my list and looked at the prices, I realized I wanted hundreds of dollars of items. You see, Tupperware isn't cheap. It's made to last and most products have a lifetime guarantee, which means that you pay a bit more for a Tupperware bowl than those cheap Glad containers you pick up at the store.

I noticed there was a way to get everything I wanted for a pretty good price. The lovely woman leading my sister's online party posted that I could  join Tupperware by buying a Business Kit for $129 (the Basic kit is only $80 but you get less stuff), and I'd receive a pile of products! Also, within the next year, I could buy whatever I wanted from Tupperware for 25% off. Since almost everything I wanted was in the Business Kit, and there was no obligation to sell or buy more after, I signed up.

Here is what I got for $129... not the world's best photo, but you can tell it's a decent haul!

No photo description available.
My business kit scattered over my living room floor. 

There were some products I fell in love with immediately upon receiving them. Oddly enough, one of those products was the medium Eco bottle. I did not expect to love a plastic water bottle. I've always used stainless steel or copper, but my sister assured me that there is something magical about the Tupperware water bottle that makes you drink more water. Now that I have it, I can confirm the rumors are true. The lip on the water bottle makes it incredibly easy to pound water. And it is super ergonomic and easy to hold. No spills, no leaks, and the top is big enough to add ice cubes.

The best water bottle for pounding water.

The next item I became obsessed with is the Cold Brew Carafe. Last summer, I turned into a Starbucks junkie, trying to get my cold brew fix. Cold brew is so delicious and smooth, and wow - the caffeine levels are out of this world. In fact, I actually made myself a bit crazy recently by filling the cold brew up to the concentrate line, and then drinking almost the whole thing in a day. I strongly recommend, from experience, not to abuse cold brew. You will die.

Image may contain: drink and indoor
Fresh Cold Brew in the Carafe

I also have to add, the silicone spatula is amazing. It is such high quality. When you are young-ish and used to Dollar Store quality, and then use a hefty silicone spatula, you realize quite quickly you get what you pay for.

One of my "wants" was to purchase the Fusion Master Mincer so that we could grind our own burgers from steak. I get sketched out by "mystery meat" and so the idea of cutting my own steak and grinding it into a burger is rather appealing. As well, because I am using fresh steak, I don't need to worry about under cooking it, as a medium rare burger is perfectly fine.

We've made a few different burgers so far, and here's the meat before grinding and after:

Image may contain: food and indoor
Cubes of  steak.
Image may contain: food

After I received my initial shipments, I felt extremely happy with the quality of all of my products and how much use I was getting from them.  I also kept watching cooking demos, especially those from the initial consultant who got me hooked via my sister's party, and I even got addicted to the Sunday night live Tupperware cooking demos, where women from across Canada let you into their kitchens and show you how they are using the products and what deliciousness they are cooking.

I started to get addicted. I would look at the catalog, the weekly sales, and the demos, and I kept getting ideas of how to improve my kitchen. With working from home and being cooped up all the time, I started to want to do things that I've never wanted to do before... like clean and organize cupboards. I therefore went and bought a set of Modular Mates, and this is what happened:

Image may contain: indoor
Before Tupperware
No photo description available.
After Tupperware

I started to realize that the Modular Mates not only helped me organize my cupboard, but had other positive effects too. My food is now stored in a container with an air tight seal, rather than a half open bag or cardboard box. Food stays fresher. No bugs can get it. Truly, you buy the Tupperware products once, but then save money and food for years. It's also amazing if you love to buy in bulk and avoid packaging all together. And, given most Tupperware items have a lifetime warranty, they are actually quite sustainable.

I'd like to talk about sustainability and Tupperware, as at first, the thought of buying plastic containers made me feel a bit guilty. To me, it seemed that glass or metal would be superior. But now that I have some Tupperware items to experiment with, I realize they have big perks over those materials. No getting smashed or broken! And way less single use plastic. I no longer put my extra veggies or leftovers or sandwiches in plastic bags, or use plastic wrap.

In addition, the Fridge Smarts keep produce fresh for weeks at a time, which means that I am throwing out less food. How many times has your celery gone limp, your green onions shriveled, and your strawberries went soft?

Now, for the bad. Tupperware is not a perfect magical unicorn. I will say that the internal website or "back office" that us consultants need to use is atrocious. It is old and clunky and non-intuitive and most people will think it's the stupidest website they have ever seen! It takes a lot of patience, but luckily, the mentors in Tupperware above me have all been very helpful and saved my butt when I couldn't figure out how to order or redeem a coupon.

The public-facing website consultants get for free for the first three months looks pretty normal and nice, but the "back office" that consultants use looks straight out of 1999. At least the "back office" can be used for a major perk - samples! I learned after joining that one benefit consultants get is access to samples. Tupperware lets us buy samples of upcoming products for even cheaper than 25% off, plus we get to see new releases before the public. I love samples!!!

In terms of business sustainability, Tupperware is surprisingly awesome and COVID-friendly. All of the Tupperware parties I've been involved with are online, mostly using Facebook. Rather than having an in-person party with demos, consultants are now finding ways to be creative via video and social media. I personally love the online content, as I can watch it when it suits me.

The last little thing I want to say is that I am super impressed with the free leadership training available to Tupperware consultants. Almost every day I see or read an amazing and inspiring video letting me know about how something works or how I can grow my business. They even have regular recognition calls where they give kudos to everyone. I feel cared for and respected, and everyone is so nice. I love seeing ladies, super normal women from across Canada, cooking in kitchens from B.C. to Newfoundland, gaining confidence, demoing products, and connecting with like-minded individuals from across the country.

I'll probably have more to say in the future, but for now, let me know what your experiences with Tupperware have been like. Have you had luck? Any fave products? And in the meantime, for all of your cooking, chopping, storing and freezing needs, check my website out (do it quick, haha, it's only free for three months):

Or - better yet, host a party and get a bunch of free Tupperware!!!


  1. I am also addicted because of you Jodie, great article ❤️

  2. Stacey got us all going for sure, but what a fantastic journey and such great products and organization including keeping food fresh longer!!! Great job Joni, Yayyyyy your blog is back!!