Friday, February 10, 2017

The Flying Canoe Festival

The Flying Canoe Festival last weekend at Millcreek Ravine and La Cite Francophone was AMAZING! It was seriously so awesome that I went both nights! In fact, I am kicking myself for not knowing about this festival sooner in my Edmonton life. 

 As the website states, the Flying Canoe festival is a creative and interactive cultural event designed to celebrate local history and everything that is great about a long winter’s night. It is inspired by the legend of The Flying Canoe and French Canadian, First Nations and Métis traditions. This event celebrates Edmonton's beautiful Mill Creek Ravine and I definitely agree that the gorgeous landscape is on display and makes the festival feel like an outdoor adventure! As well, the lanterns from Dylan Toymaker are mindbogglingly beautiful! I want one of his lanterns so bad! In fact, when walking from the school to the ravine, individual houses even had lanterns up, which they had made at a workshop a week earlier! Talk about community spirit!!!

One other cool thing about the festival is that there are story tellers throughout the spaces, and not only do you learn about the legend of the Flying Canoe, but you can see people in canoes, and evil wolves with red eyes, stalking the canoes! The energy was electric, and even though the weather was freezing cold, if you dressed warm and stayed active, it was totally worth it! 

I also really appreciated the celebration of First Nations and Métis culture. The tepees and drumming circles were amazing, and I enjoyed not only the hauntingly beautiful singing, but the free tea and bannock too! 

My pictures of the event did not turn out, but luckily I have tons of good ones from my amazing friend Trae Duh! Thanks girlfriend! 

Here are pictures taken at the school, which was lit up wonderfully, with constantly changing colors! 

Wee! Slides! 

La Cite Francophone had live DJs outside! And so many awesome colors! 

These lanterns lit the pathway to the Millcreek ravine!  

The flying canoes! 

First Nations Camp

Millcreek Ravine, in all of its natural glory, and illuminated by Dylan Toymaker's gorgeous lanterns!

Father Winter! 

We also flew a canoe! 

The next night I attended with Chad and his son, and so we had another amazing night, this time with more children's activities.

Some of Chad's awesome shots are below. As you can see, lots of k
ids being kids and jumping in snow!

 Community lanterns!

Free horse drawn wagon rides! 

Why can't city parks always look like this?

Some good ole' fashioned dancing fun! 

Cool illuminated dresses! 

While this year's event is over - in the future, make sure to hit up this festival filled with lights, music, winter magic and more.

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