Sunday, November 6, 2016

If you like Design and Pretty Things, You'll Love Vignettes

I am extremely lucky that my boyfriend makes beautiful things and I get to attend cool design and art events with him. For the second year in a row, I was invited to go to the Vignettes Showcase VIP Gala held on Sept. 15 and see the lovely rooms designed by multi-disciplinary teams consisting of designers, craftsmen/women, artists, woodworkers, and contractors. It was held in the old Sobey's building on Jasper and 104 street, and it was amazing!  There were ten teams who each designed their own space, which they had freedom to choose. There were bathrooms, living rooms, whisky lounges - you name it! The space itself was also transformed with giant trees and greenery, delicious cocktail stations, and some snacks from Evoolution and Get Cooking. The space was absolutely gorgeous and I was impressed with the level of design talent in Edmonton.

I am extremely proud to say that my boyfriend Chad Baba from MK Baba designs was on the winning team - Beauty in Ruins. Their vignette was breathtaking - it looked like a bathroom hidden in a secret garden paradise. Their own description said it best:
"Imagine you are in the hills of Tuscany and you come across these ruins. There once stood a structure with four walls and a roof but now hardly resembles a structure at all. Two of the walls are amazingly still standing, made from brick but weathered by the elements and overgrown with foliage. The floor is a rustic hardwood, obviously many years old and extremely weathered as well. 
However this space has been transformed into something beautiful. A serene outdoor bathing space. This once simple building turned to ruins has been re-purposed and turned into a secret oasis that is peaceful and calm." 

One of my favorite details was the bust turned into a faucet and named Farrah Faucet! HAHA.

You can learn more about this year's Vignettes winners in the December issue of Avenue magazine. I can't wait to see teh write-up! Yeahhh!

As well, check out the Vignettes website and/or search #vignettesyeg on instagram.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I also didn't encourage you to check out the MK Baba instagram to see what Chad is up to!

I also have some cool pics from last year, when Vignettes was in a smaller space but still awesome! I'll include a few just because they are so pretty! The first pic is from Chad group's space last year called the Porch. 


There is so much talent in Edmonton! If you can afford it, shop local and employ a local designer, craftsperson, woodworker etc.

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