Saturday, November 5, 2016

A new twist on Fat and Fortune

Sooo... it's been a very long time since I've written a blog. And I've been craving an opportunity to write for fun rather than work. But the thing is - my blog was focused on selling Visalus in order to lose fat and make a fortune. At the time I thought I could possibly achieve these goals by selling and drinking nutritional shakes. How naive I was. I realize now that it was silly to think I could keep up a blog on such a narrow topic, and one of interest to so few people. I also became disillusioned with Visalus and direct selling, and gave up writing the blog. But lately I've been craving a return to blogging, so I need to transform this space into something new.

I think Fat and Fortune can still be an appropriate title though. The thing is... I love food! I love cooking, taking classes and going to Edmonton's fine foodie events. In the last few years I've been in a garlic cooking competition, taken classes on everything from Thai to Turkish cooking, and mastered the art of buns. I've studied Ayruvedic cooking and learned to make ghee. In fact, I love healthy fats, from ghee to coconut oil to the delicious olive oil at Evoolution (they put on great classes as well). So rather than aim only to lose fat, I've embraced food and learned to honour it. Now don't get me wrong, I still want to loose weight, haha, but as I get older I realize there's a lot more to life.

That's where the fortune part comes into play. I am very fortunate to live in the city of Edmonton where I can partake in numerous festivals (the Fringe, Taste of Edmonton, and Heritage Days are my faves!), attend amazing theater productions at the Citadel, listen to sweet sounds at the Winspear and marvel at the skill of ballet dancers at the Jubilee, not to mention the free fun of walking around the Leg grounds or strolling down Whyte. I also have the most caring family, an amazing job, wonderful friends, a talented boyfriend ... I am very grateful. All in all, I am a fortunate soul surrounded by beautiful people who make life a joy.

My goal is to write about and highlight some of these people and events. I'll start by going back in time, since I slacked off and skipped so many amazing things I really wanted to write about. I want to post some old photos and let you know some of the things in this city that have inspired me. Kinda cheesy to go back in time... but it will give me a chance to practice how the heck one is supposed to add photos, change text, create hyperlinks and all that jazz. It's been years! And then - from this time onward - I will be in the groove to write about current events. So please join me in my adventures to enjoy fat and celebrate the fortunate life we live in this great city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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