Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thai people - True Entrepreneurs!!!!

You know what I actually thought about in the shower this morning??? I reflected on the fact that Thai people are amazing entrepreneurs! When I was at the market yesterday, I saw so many people running their own mini-businesses. They sell water and amazing juice drinks, little sausages, tasty curries, tons of clothes and jewelry, and offer services such as massages. It's amazing what people here do. I also notice that in the area by my hotel, there are tons of street vendors selling food everywhere I look. Out of carts, out of shops, you name it. They will even use little pots on single burners. Amazing smells fill the street, people eat up, and the Thai entrepreneur makes a bhat!!!

I love the spirit of the people here in Thailand. So friendly and entrepreneurial!!! I love spending my money here!

Happy NYE everyone. XOXO

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