Thursday, December 1, 2011

Success = Intelligence + Self-Control

This week has been incredibly busy, inspiring and challenging in so many ways. My roomies left today for Ireland, and so we did our Christmas evening together on Monday (yah for fish tacos and good friends). I also booked my ticket to Thailand on Monday, and I've been hunting for hotels. I hit the gym Monday and Wednesday night, attended a self-defence class Tuesday night, busted my ass at work, and even got up Tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. so that I could attend "Breakfast with the Guys," a fundraiser to support women's shelters and to help stop violence against women. It's a cool event because it's aimed at men, and it encourages them to help combat domestic violence.

The speaker at Breakfast with the Guys was Arlene Dickinson, an investor from Dragon's Den. She spoke about her personal experiences with domestic violence, and how one can never pre-judge what the face of domestic violence looks like. She also spoke briefly about the determinants of success. The one piece of business knowledge that she shared that resonated with me was that two things consistently predict success: intelligence and self-control. Of these two things, we have the most influence over our self-control, (also called self-discipline or willpower). Personal success hinges on exercising self-control and motivating ourselves to work hard, be persistent and achieve our dreams through sheer determination.

Losing weight is not easy. Going to the gym and working one's ass off costs money, it takes time, and it hurts. The thing is though - it pays dividends. After a few months, the results are phenomenal. You can see muscles. You feel energetic. You can breathe easier. Run faster. Become stronger.

Your body is your temple and you have it for life. It's easy to give in to treats and to become lazy, and everyone does it at some point. What's important is to exercise self-control most of the time, and eat things that are clean, nutritious and good for you. Feed your body the fuel it needs to thrive! Willpower is important because it allows us to forgo immediate gratification for long term benefit. The gym might not feel good for the first few months, but eventually, it will reap rewards.

Achieving success at work and business is also not easy. It takes hard work, courage and determination. You have to be passionate and resourceful and creative. By forgoing some fun now, however, great success can be found in the future. In my life right now, I am willing to put in extra time and effort every evening after work, in the belief that it will pay off in the future. I want to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur. I want to make a residual income, and earn money from home.

I think that it's really cool that children's self-control predicts future success. I am looking for all those people who could resist temptation as a kid. Those people who had self-discipline from a young age. If you are out there and reading this and want to join a company that's all about helping people get healthy and wealthy, give me a shout!

I believe in Visalus because I think it is in line with current trends. Obesity is a major epidemic in our society. The Body by Vi Challenge targets this problem. Visalus also encourages people to become entrepreneurs, learn business skills and build residual income. This is what people want - financial freedom, and freedom to manage their time. Considering that we are coming out a recession, people want to find a way to control their financial future and earn extra money. Vislaus provides solutions to health AND wealth issues.

It only costs $500 to become a Visalus distributor, which includes all of the start-up products. This is a small amount of money to forgo to become a small business owner. So what do you think? Do you have the self-control and motivation to give up $500 of your money now, so that you can put in some hard work and earn more later?

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