Sunday, December 11, 2011

Month Two... What to do?

I am now on month number two of being a Visalus distributor. Woot woot. I am pretty pumped about a few business things that have happened lately. First - I received my business cards in the mail. Oh yah, that's right - I am now officially in BIZNAZ! If any of you out there would like my card, or want to hand a few out, let me know :) I think it's pretty fancy.

I also received my second cheque, so that's good as well. Oh, and I even bought a Visalus shirt, which I think looks pretty hot, so that when I hold Challenge Parties, I can get dressed up in the proper attire.

The second month is kinda tough, though, because I've now recruited most of my friends and work buddies in Edmonton, and I am wondering - what next? How do I find new people to get on the Challenge? How do I recruit business partners? How do I convince family and friends, and people I've never met, to get healthy and wealthy with me?

As for my personal life, the gym and me did not get along this past week, at all. In fact, I sadly had to skip an entire week, which never happens, as the vaccinations I received last Monday seriously knocked me on my ass!!! I decided to put every single needle in my left arm, thinking that it would be best to contain the damage. I think that was a foolish decision. Instead, I could barely raise my arm to the side, or lift it up (taking off shirts was the worst), and it hurt to touch my arm or brush it against anything. Ouch! I also felt sort of tired and under the weather all week, and so I decided to take it easy. My trainer John totally agreed with me, as he understands what it's like to become a human pin cushion prior to travel.

Food wise, I have been addicted to the shakes as per usual (once you start, it really is a lifestyle change!), but I've been a bad girl and I've added some eggnog (and the occasional spiced rum) to the shake mix! The thing is - this way I am being healthy (getting nutrients that fill me up) while being bad (eggnog and rum ain't exactly low cal, haha). I figure it's Christmas time, I know I will indulge a little, so I might as well indulge responsibly. It's sooooo good!!! I am hooked!!!!

Other than that, I've spent this weekend busy as a bee, getting ready for Christmas and then Thailand. I tackled my super cluttered room today, and washed and organized everything! Yay! I had to do this in order to find my camera charger, how bad is that?!? It was torture spending my whole Sunday cleaning, and as a result I missed the Butterdome Craft Fair, but hey - I saved money, my room looks awesome, and now I can relax with my blog and a glass of wine!

I am just texting my sister as well. She's the best sister in the whole world, for real. I know everyone thinks that - but mine actually is. She is so generous, kind, funny, and like a little spark of love. She's exciting and full of spunk, and I love her to pieces <3 XOXO. Can't wait to see the whole family at Christmas!!!

OH! And Redcliff, get ready, because a Challenge Party is coming your way on the 27th of December! Mark yr calendar!!!

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