Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspiration - Jen Hendershott!!!!

Wowzers. I just found a couple of videos on Youtube of a Figure champ named Jen Hendershott (I am not a pro at fitness or bodybuilding, so she is new to me, although from what I read, she is a LEGEND!). Not only does the girl choose sweet music to perform to (big beats, oh yah), but she has ULTIMATE SPUNK! Damn that girl can move. So explosively fast! And I also appreciate her sense of humour (note the chocolates in the last video, hahahaa).

Sometimes I feel like I work hard and hit the gym like a pro-star. But really, my three days a week ain't shit compared to this girl. Imagine the determination and dedication it takes to achieve this level of physical strength, flexibility and endurance. And the best part is - she loves it! You can see how much fun she's having!!! I love it. It truly is inspiring to see what the human body can do.

Jen Hendershott is a two-time Ms. Olympia and two-time Fitness International Champion. And if I am reading her biography correctly, she was 34 the first time she won the Ms. Olympia championship!!! Wowzers. That is insanely awesome. She is now 39 and looks super amazing! Age is just a number, as Jen looks hotter than any 20 year old!

Here's a super fast paced video of Jen performing:

And a super awesome/funny one (minus the male commentator, ha):

I guess I better get practicing the splits!

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