Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wondering, pondering... so many questions!

Today is one of those days where I am a little overwhelmed and a little confused. I've been doing a lot of Internet research about how to market products online, and well, let me tell you - there is a SHITLOAD of information out there.

Today I was looking into email auto responders. Apparently, they are the cat's meow of Internet marketing. First, you set up a website with interesting content to attract people, then you get someone to enter their e-mail address for more info, and BINGO - now that you have their e-mail, you can use your auto responder system to send them stuff. New info on your products. A reminder to attend a party. A link to a website. And on and on. I am wondering though, is this type of thing useful for a Visalus business, or is this more for a company that is selling information? I've noticed that companies that peddle advice on "how to market" seem to be the biggest promoters of auto responders, and once you give them your e-mail address they just send you tip after tip. I've got instructions on how to make a facebook page (been there done that), how to use Twitter effectively, how to make a marketing funnel, how to make money in my sleep, blah blah blah. It all starts the look the same after awhile.

The thing I am afraid of, is that by using an auto responder, people will just think I am annoying!!! I know most of the crap I get in my e-mail is pretty lame. Only this one girl, Anne Sieg, seems to send me anything that piques my interest. So maybe it can be good, as long as the content is high quality.

Hmmm... anyone have experience with auto responders? Should I try one for a month, just as an experiment?

I think I should be cautious of all this Internet mumbo jumbo. In fact, I have a hilarious cautionary tale about the Internet, that occurred TONIGHT. It involves my poor co-worker Julie, and my bad advice, haha.

I know that Julie really wants one of those lovely and super-warm winter parkas - the Canada Goose brand. They are SUPER expensive though! Well, today I was on facebook, and I saw an ad spring up on the right hand side for those Canada Goose jackets for 30% off. I clicked the link and looked at the website. There was a good selection of jackets, and to me, the thing looked legit. So I texted Julie and asked for her home email address and sent her the link. She was blown away by the deal as well, and promptly bought a jacket. Like - in five minutes, ha. Then... her cautious deal-doubter boyfriend takes a look at the website and tells her that he thinks it looks fake! So she called Visa, and sure enough - it's a fraud!!! They cancelled the payment for her, and no damage was done - but WOW. I sent my buddy to a fraudulent website. Nice friend I am, eh.

This just goes to show - beware of facebook deals and online scams. Even a master deal-hunter like myself can be tricked!!!

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  1. Hi Jodie! I love what you are doing with this blog - sharing your experiences of getting healthy and learning a new profession at the same time. It is really interesting, plus I can totally hear your voice in what you write and it reminds me every time of how much fun you are! Keep at it, miss jodie!

    About Auto-Responders - I would only set them up if you have relevant new information coming regularly. For example, other blogging platforms like Wordpress have a function that when people subscribe to your blog (ie. enter their email address) they get immediate email notifications that there is a new post. This saves you the trouble of having to remind people to check your blog all the time, but it also creates a database of people's contact information that you know they want to hear from you - so, then, you can use the same list of emails to send our new product info - newsletters, promotions etc....

    does that make sense? hope it helps!

    toronto misses you!