Friday, November 4, 2011

What a Wonderful Day!

Today was one of those days that just worked out perfectly from beginning to end. For example, I got an extra half an hour sleep last night because for once in my life I decided NOT to watch an hour long episode of Dexter before bed (I am obsessed!). I had a delicious shake for breakfast - "peanut butter" (organic peanut and cashew butter without sugar) and "jelly" (AKA frozen strawberries). I think the peanut better keeps me feeling fuller for longer, as I didn't get hungry till 11:00 - pretty good!

I was really proud of myself at work today. A super amazing co-worker brought in treats for goodie day - and they were specialty baked goods from the Dutchess. Everything looked amazing! Perfect scones and croissants and danishes. Like little pieces of art. But I was strong and COMPLETELY resisted. Not even a nibble. I waited until lunch, when I had delicious homemade chicken vegetable soup. I must admit, I am a damn good cook :)

Oh, and at lunch I was a bad girl. I went with my work hommie, Julie, to Kunitz shoes, and we both bought new winter boots! This is on top of the new runners I bought yesterday. Both things are practical though, right! Hahaaaa. I think that because I am on a diet this month, and I can't drink, I keep telling myself that I have extra money I am not spending at restaurants or bars, and so I might as well invest it in myself. Bribery for being a good girl!

After work, I went to see my personal trainer John and our session today went SO GOOD! I was spunky, had tons of energy... it was funny, because he quipped that my new runners were giving me superpowers. Oddly, enough, I was more excited for the gym than usual, and it was because I was SO EXCITED to try them out. They did work awesome. Super comfy. Great grip. Nice support. When it got to the end of my session, I had to run 20 min on the treadmill, and for the first time EVER, I did not have to take a 30 second pause. YAH! My running is improving.

And, if that wasn't great enough - here comes the news you've all been waiting for... I got my first customer today!!!! YAY!!!! She found me on Kijiji and ordered a Shape Kit. So amazing. I know that she will be super pleased with her decision!

So tonight, it's Friday, I am not drinking, I have been a good girl and I've been showered with great news all day - I figure I deserve a little Dexter tonight, don't you?

Sweet dreams all!!!

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