Thursday, November 3, 2011

Visalus Visalus Visalus!!!!!!!!

Well folks, today was a huge day for me. Not only did I have my first-ever Challenge party, but I also took part in my first team conference call. I learned so much today, and I am sooo excited!

First, with regard to the Challenge party at work, it went pretty good, although the turn out wasn't as great as I hoped it would be. There were a few people who said they could come and then they didn't make it. In all, I had two members of my upline there to assist me (they were so amazingly helpful and awesome) and four co-workers. Prior to the party starting, my two upline team members and I transformed the boardroom into the Ultimate Visalus Challenge Party Room! All four kits were set up in their entirety (the team has everything figured out!), and we set up the stuff to make shakes (normal and strawberry), sample the Neuro (we tried lemon), and eat a few cookie samples. The products are delicious, and I think everyone enjoyed them. After all that, we watched a DVD on the Body by Vi Challenge, my upline and I spoke about our personal experiences, my co-workers asked questions, and then everyone went back to work. The whole thing was done in an hour!

I am hoping that a few of the girls will want to join the Challenge, or will know friends who want to join. One girl at work that I am really tight with, we both go to personal trainers and have an obsession with fitness and diet - I think she's gonna switch over from her current Visalus distributor to me. I really hope so, I want a customer so bad. I never realized how hard it would be to sell a product that's so awesome and reasonably priced. Any ideas as to how I can do better? Any thoughts as to where I am going wrong?

I am hoping that I am doing all the right things, and that it just takes awhile to get going.

On my walk home from work I stopped at the Running Room and bought myself new runners for the gym! Yah! My left foot has been hurting lately in the arch region, and I figure that new runners may help. It especially hurts when I run on the treadmill, and so I am hoping these babies give me the support I need. The guy that helped me find the runners was so helpful - better than a doctor. As soon as I told him the pain was the worst in the morning, he knew what my problem was - Plantar fasciitis. Ughhh. Why me? Makes me feel old balls. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if the new runners help or not.

Then, when I got home, I was starving!!! I had a shake for breakfast and chicken vegetable soup for lunch, and by the time I got home it was 7. The thing I love about the shakes is that when you are starving, you know that you will have your meal almost instantly! Today I made a new shake that I learned about from one of my upline team members - it is Reese Pieces inspired! The recipe calls for shake mix plus organic peanut/cashew butter and a chocolate mix in. So frickin' delicious and satisfying!!! And the best part - it is chock full of nutrients and I am still full 3.5 hours later!

I wasn't lying when I said today was a Visalus day. Almost immediately after my shake, I went to my room and dialled into a conference call with 24 of my Visalus team members. The conference call had one of THE head honchos from our team on the line. She lives in Montreal and makes ridiculous money selling this stuff (a few people on the call - those at the very top- mentioned making over $30, 000 a month!!!), and she spoke to us for 1.5 hours, telling us about how we can improve our business. It was very informative and inspiring. My main takeaways include:

-Challenge parties are very important. It's a simple model. Invite people. Let them know about the products in advance. Follow up with them and get them to the party. Let them taste the shakes and watch the DVD at the party. They should be sold on the product!

-At the party, let people know they can get their product for free if they can get three people on a kit of equal or greater value. Also, they can make money by selling the product. After the party, split up people into two groups - those who only want to buy the shakes, and those who want to sell them. Show the Get Started Training (GST) to those who want to make $$$.

-Many people worry that they will run out of friends and family to sell to. Or, that they live in a small town and most people who want to buy have already bought in. There is a solution to this. Network marketing is about NETWORKING. If I know someone in another city, I should let them know about the challenge. I should promote the challenge when I travel. I should use contacts and friends of friends to get the word out.
-Use your upline! The people above me in the company are there for a reason. They are very good at what they do. They have achieved success. I need to make sure that I ask them questions, invite them to parties, and involve them in three way calls. I think this point is super important, as I have been extremely impressed with my upline. They are prompt in responding to questions, super helpful, enthusiastic, and all-around awesome. It's important that I use them as a resource, especially since I have no credibility at this point. I am not a fitness or a marketing expert. As such, potential customers may feel better talking to someone who is!

So those were the main points I learned, although I am sure there were a lot more things covered that I already forgot. It was very interesting and very inspiring to hear success stories and share experiences with everyone.

Now I just got to put into action all of the lessons I've learned today. That will be my challenge.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending a party, or if you want additional information about the Challenge. Even if you live far away from me, you can still become a distributor. Ir's a networked world we live in!

And now, I bid you adieu- I am off to have Visalus dreams :)

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