Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday + One Bonus Hour

Today was daylight savings day - the good one - where we get to "fall back" an hour. I used this extra hour the best way possible, haha, by staying in bed and watching Dexter! I jumped onto the Dexter bandwagon late in the game, and so I am now just beginning season four. The show is so addictive. Between the addictiveness of trying to market Visalus and the addictiveness of Dexter, I had no problem staying in bed half then day. But hell, it's Sunday, and it's lovely to stay in bed!

Besides Dexter, I did a lot of business stuff from bed. I wrote e-mails to potential customers, posted my blog onto Myspace, AND - best of all - communicated with a new customer! Yah! That's right - I got another customer today!!! Three days in a row baby, I am on fire. A lovely girl from work named Jamie has decided to start the Challenge. I am so excited to have so many co-workers support me and join me on this Visalus journey. I think it will be super cool if we all show results at the same time!

As for me, I feel like I am seeing results already, especially now that I am being a good girl and not drinking. Since I started the Body by Vi Challenge a little over a month ago, I am down a little over two pounds. That doesn't tell the whole story though, as I've been seeing a trainer, and he says I've gained muscle. We just did a whole set of measurements at the beginning of November, and so I will make sure to report what happens at the end of November. Also, I did take some "before" pics, and so I will post those, along with the "after" pics, once the 90 day challenge is complete! If that's not motivation to succeed, I don't know what is.

I am really proud of myself though, as I was a saint this weekend. No booze of course, and honestly, it wasn't even a problem. I also didn't have any bread, potato, rice, etc. No treats or sweets or snacks. Just two shakes a day, in addition to a healthy meal. I think it's been pretty easy not cheating because I've spent a lot of time alone, working on business stuff or doing things like laundry, or walking down Whyte. I didn't hang out with people much. I think that social situations lead me into temptation, and so for at least this month, I need to avoid people as much as possible, ha.

What a diet, eh. "Drink shakes, live like a hermit, and you too, can be skinny!"

On the business side of things, one of the biggest challenges I've faced is trying to figure out how I can market the Body by Vi Challenge to strangers. How can I reach out to fitness junkies, nutritionists, people who want to lose weight? Ideally, I want to find those people who are already consuming protein shakes or some other kind of shake, and then present them with this product, which I know is superior (trust me, I have tried many brands of protein shakes in the last year - at least five! This is in addition to Slim Fast and all that other jazz). I have noticed that facebook is always putting advertisements related to marketing on the right hand side of my page. I often click on them, and they promise you the world - "Take your MLM Company to the next level," "Grow your business." "Generate unlimited leads." Whenever I click on one of these things, it takes me to a website that basically tells me that some person has developed a system that brings hundreds of leads to you, and makes you money without people even buying from you... The only problem is, I would of course have to pay money to buy this system. And because I am not sure who these people are, I am reluctant to buy one of these things, as I am scared it's a gimmick.

There is one lady names Anne Sieg... she sent a free e-book to me, and it was actually quite interesting. She wrote about renegade network marketing, and provided good tips. Like, for example, you attract people to your business when you give them something. If you can provide tips or expertise, people are attracted to that, they see you as an expert, and they trust you. It seems to make sense! I am sort of tempted to buy her renegade network marketing system, but I want to hold out and keep researching for awhile. There are so many of these people claiming to have the magic system, that I don't want to buy one just yet. Ideally, I am hoping to find some advice for free.

Wow. It's 11:30... so much for today seeming like it would last forever. It flew!!! I hope you all enjoyed yr extra hour, I know I did. Until tomorrow, keep fit and have fun!

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  1. I forgot to add - when I Google "fat and fortune" - my blog now comes up! YAY! Maybe a ".com" address did help :)