Saturday, November 5, 2011

Success = Customer #2

It's another glorious day! Cuz guess what? I now have two customers!!! Yay! A girl from work signed up, and even better, she had attended my Challenge Party! That means the party was a success! The Visalus formula works. Julie is a real sweetie, and she has curly hair too, so of course I think she's awesome. I hope she loves the products! I sent her the shake recipe book and a healthy cook book full of high protein recipes, so that's a good start!

I have more exciting news. In trying to achieve my goal of promoting Visalus and encouraging people to join the Challenge, I've gained a lot of new Internet skillz. I learned how to make a facebook page, I learned to use Twitter better, and now - I learned a little bit about domains! Yes, that's right. I went ".com" baby! This blog is now I figured that ".com" sounded a little bit more professional.

Now I am just wondering why it is that when I Google "fat and fortune" or even "fatandfortune" my blog does not show up. Is it because it's not popular enough? Hmmm... so many things to learn.

You know, I've always considered myself pretty adept at the Internet. I work on a computer all day. I joined myspace and facebook as soon as I learned about them. I bank online, shop online, even watch all of my TV online. I basically LIVE online. Yet, now that I am trying to use the internet for a new purpose - marketing - I am realizing that this is a whole new world. Let me give you a few examples.

My first instinct in marketing Visalus was to turn to facebook. Facebook ads are eveywhere, and I've heard that you can make a lot of connections with potential customers using facebook. As such, I created a facebook page for Visalus, and hoped for the best. Well, first-off, hardly any of my friends "liked" my page. So, I figured I'd advertise it. I set a lifetime budget of $50 for facebook ads, and set some criteria - I wanted my page to be viewed by people in Canada or the US, over eighteen, at least a high school education, etc. I even tried to narrow it to people interested in health and fitness and weight loss etc. Well... let me tell you, I am not sure how facebook gets people to "like" a page, but lots of the people who liked my page, seemed to not care one bit about it. I mean - you look at these people, and they like 30 pages a day. Some of them look 12 years old, despite my age restrictions, many of them appear to not speak English and have Arabic or some other writing style on their page... and I am left wondering - how is it that this person ever liked my page??? Does facebook pay people to like pages?

Worse yet, not one single person who liked my page (except a girl from my upline), has ever commented on a single post, or checked out my Visalus website. I would highly encourage people to not advertise through facebook pages. Or - if you have had success with facebook pages - please let me know what I am doing wrong!!!

Another funny thing about my page was that I wanted to learn how to put little apps on the left hand side. I noticed that some people had facebook pages that had a TON of sweet functions - they had things that said: "Welcome," "Body by Vi YouTube," "contact me now," "free downloads," etc. etc. I had NO CLUE how to get these things, and when you look at the "help" function for pages, it doesn't tell you. Finally, I realized I could download apps that would install these functions on my page. The thing is though, I installed two apps, and then the app company informed me that I would have to pay for more. This was a real bummer, as I hadn't really given great thought to the two I picked - they were probably just the first two in the list. And the sad this is, I remember that it took me about four hours to even figure out how it was that I could get these things. Oh my.

If you want to view my facebook page, and LIKE me (I think I deserve it after all that work, don't you???), please visit:

What else is new today? Well, I walked to Shoppers Drug Mart to meet up with a girl who had e-mailed me, expressing interest in Vislaus, but wanted to try the product first. Luckily, I have a few taster kits, and so I gave her a package with the shake mix, one flavour mix in, and a Neuro. For her, taste is very important (as it should be!) and so she wanted to ensure that she liked it before committing. I can't wait to hear back from her. I think she'll love it. The funny thing is, she told me to meet her by the Shoppers on Whyte and 109. So I was standing there thinking - "this is a high traffic area, where the heck is this woman going to park?" Then, I see the white Pathfinder sort of veer to the side, and the lady inside was looking at me like "now what?" I told her to pull into the alley behind Shoppers, and jogged to catch up with her. It was absolutely hilarious, meeting a potential customer in an alley, dropping off some shake mix!!! She hadn't realized that Shoppers moved from the location by the Safeway, and so she thought there would be a parking lot, haha.

I also made a new shake today, one that was recommended by my upline Andy. He told me that if I mixed the shake mix with ice, milk and a lemon Neuro that it would taste exactly like lemon meringue pie. So - I tried it - and it was damn good! Fresh tasting, yet almost dessert-like in texture (funny, since it barely has any calories). I would definitely try it again, especially since I love how Neuro makes me feel!

And besides all that jazz, I texted and talked to my lovely boyfriend all night. He just signed up for Skype and so we tried that out for two minutes, and then we basically texted for hours. He's far away in Fort Mac, working hard to make the big bucks, and so we tend to text and chat a lot while he is at work. Sometimes I feel kinda guilty, because I subject him to so much Body by Vi talk. But I did think it was really cute tonight when he told me I was smart and sexy for figuring out how to make my website ".com" Awwww!!!!!!

And now, the only thing I have left to do tonight is enter my last couple calories into My Fitness Pal. If you've never checked this website out, you totally should, It's free, and it's an awesome way to watch your calories. It makes me wayyy more aware of what I am eating. You can also track fat, protein, fiber, sugar, etc. The sugar column is a good one for me to watch, as I can be really bad in that department. Today though, I have been SO GOOD! I've had two shakes and homemade chicken vegetable soup. And a handful of nuts. I think I would go nuts without nuts; I am an addict.

And on that note, me being a nut addict that is, I wish you all great health and nutty dreams!

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