Monday, November 21, 2011

Not a Perfect Angel

Well, what can I say. I WAS a perfect girl the first 20 days of November, and well, I must now sheepishly admit that I am a sinner. Going to Banff was awesome. We had a sweet hotel that had lots of wood and a cozy cabin feel. And a king size bed! It was called the Fox Hotel and Suites, if anyone is interested. The hotel had an amazing hot tub that opened up to the outdoors and it felt just like dipping into a hot spring amidst caves and rocks. We also rode the gondola to the top of Sulfur Mountain and that was exciting and beautiful... and we walked around downtown Banff and checked out the sites...and (confession)... we also drank some red wine, tasted some craft beers and ate some tasty meals at nice restaurants. So, I cheated. I'll be honest and admit it. I did not last all of November without drinks. The shame!!!!!!!! The horror!!!!!!! The guilt!!!!!!!!!!

I definitely feel disappointed in myself. I did not achieve my goal of perfection. I did not survive the November from hell. However, I did have a blast, and I now feel more determined than ever to behave for the rest of November. One little weekend of fun and debauchery will not sidetrack me from my goals.

Starting tomorrow - shakes shakes shakes. Back to a healthy routine. I miss my shakes and the way they make me feel.

I wouldn't trade this weekend for anything though :)

Sometimes we have to be bad to realize why it is we need to be good.

Also, my awesome roomies, Trae and Dani, put up the Christmas tree while I was away, and it looks awesome. I can feel the Christmas spirit already. YAY! Tis the season to be merry.

Now I just need to remember that Banff was a brief cheat, and that Xmas season is no excuse to drink Starbucks holidays drinks everyday and eat chocolates and cookies. At least, not until December 20th. Anything within a week of Christmas doesn't count, right!

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