Friday, November 25, 2011

Lazy Marketing Kills Kittens

Wow! Today was awesome. First off, I pretty much have the best job ever, as all of my bosses encourage education and life-long learning, and they allow staff to attend seminars and conferences and all that jazz. So today I asked permission to attend the Edmonton Social Media Breakfast. The speaker, Dana DiTomaso, sounded amazing - and the topic, "Local + Social = Better Together" - sounded interesting.

Dana's presentation did not disappoint. Her style was interesting, funny, direct, and informative. She used practical examples and explained the concepts she was using. It was perfect for noobies (like me!) and experts. I learned so much today, and I feel highly motivated to apply these lessons in work and life.

I'll list some highlights of the talk:

  • Stop being lazy, you can kick ass online... if you put in a good effort. Dana pointed out that so many people do a bad job of utilizing social media that if you can figure out how to do it well - you'll be ahead of the competition. Dana's most hated lazy manoeuvre was updating all yr social networks at once - don't use the same post for facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.
  • Make sure to tell a story online, and the story shouldn't read, "buy my crap." People want content and knowledge, and they want to get to know you as a person. Yes, you can sell stuff, but that's not why they are checking you out.
  • Make sure your business is ready to rock n roll when you start using social media, or you will get slaughtered with bad online reviews.
  • Find potential customers using social media tools - look for the right kind of people. Pay attention to their interests, hobbies, and the places they visit.
  • Use to keep track of industry news (it searches certain key words that you select, every day, so you keep up on the latest happenings). Get results delivered to your RSS feed (like Google Reader), so that you can read juicy gossip on your fave stuff every day and keep on top of trends
Check out Dana's complete presentation at:

On top of all that awesomeness, I am pleased to report that two new customers have joined the Body by Vi Challenge in the last two days.

Yesterday was super trippy, because I saw that I had a new customer from Medicine Hat named Jodi Baker. My name is Jodie Bakker, and I grew up 10 minutes from Medicine Hat. At first I thought it was a joke or a mistake or a scam. Something seemed fishy. But, I wrote Jodi, and sure enough - she's a real person and she's awesome. She had tried Visalus awhile back, liked it, wanted to buy some in preparation for a Mexican vacation, and saw that I was selling it on a mutual friend's facebook. Social media brought us together!!! And how perfect is it that we have almost identical names!

Then today, a long-time friend of mine named Jesse also joined the Challenge. She recently had twins, which as you can imagine, is tough to manage (although she's kicking butt at motherhood, cuz she's so positive and amazing). Jesse is finding it hard to eat lunch on a regular basis, and Visalus will provide her with a quick and nutritious way to get some yummy in her belly.

Jesse has an awesome blog that explores her journey of first-time motherhood and the joys of having twins. I highly recommend that you check it out:

Well, now that I am almost done this blog entry, I gotta go and practice all the stuff I learned today. Someone invite me to join google + (I am not a member yet!). And I'll get started on socialbro, topsy, linkedin and foursquare!!!

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