Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Pay Money to Torture Myself

Yes, it is true. I pay lots of money every month to see a personal trainer 2-3 times a week. I've been seeing a trainer since February, and trust me, it doesn't get any easier. As I get stronger, my trainer John just pushes me harder. And while I bitch and complain and suffer from numerous aches and pains, I must admit, I love seeing a trainer and it makes me feel really proud to know that I am focusing on my body and getting stronger. I can do push ups! And I am trying to learn to do a pull up!

Since November is my "Month from Hell," John weighed me and did all of my measurements today. I've made lots of progress since February, even though my weight is the exact same! According to John's fancy scale that sends some kinda signal up my body, I have lost body fat and gained muscle. Apparently, 8 pounds of fat has transformed into 8 pounds of muscle. I've also lost inches off my waist and thighs, woot woot.

While all of this sounds like good news (and it is!) - there is still work to be done. My belly definitely has a fat roll, and I want it gone. I remember when I used to have a totally flat stomach - I want that back! Plus, I've been doing shitloads of ab exercises at the gym, and I am curious to see the results. All I need to do is drop 10 pounds. That's my goal. I am hoping that November from Hell makes a big dent in this goal.

John gave me a diet plan today. I am allowed absolutely no bread, rice or potato this month. Obviously no treats. No booze. No sugar. Not even my fave fruits. I am allowed an apple on gym days though. I am really gonna appreciate that damn apple, as I am a fruit lover!

As you can probably guess, I will be eating tons of lean protein, lotsa chicken and fish, Greek yogurt, a couple nuts here and there (my afternoon snack said "5 almonds" - I almost choked - only 5!!!). Lotsa water-based veggies. Some eggs. I can't remember it all, but it's not TOO bad. John tried to fit my faves into the diet plan, so that's good.

I pray to Baby Jesus I can handle this. So far, as in today, I've been a success. I had a Visalus shake for breakfast, with some Greek yogurt and hemp seeds, and a salad for lunch. Ate some delicious raspberries for a mid-morning snack. Had a cheese stick for an afternoon snack. And made absolutely delicious homemade chicken vegetable soup for supper.

You know, I think I love liquids. Maybe I'll survive on shakes and soup for November. So tasty!

Besides all this gym and diet craziness - I have exciting news. Tomorrow is my first ever Body by Vi Challenge Party. I am holding it at my work, and I am hoping that quite a few co-workers will attend. Three members of my upline are coming to help me. We shall sample shakes and Neuro and cookies, and then I gotta sucker people into watching the Visalus DVD. I am a little worried it's cheezy... but apparently it answers all of the questions people want to know. Maybe I will eventually create my own video, as I have to admit, I wasn't all that enamored with the video I watched. Then, after all the tasty snacks and the riveting DVD, I am hoping my co-workers will be as excited about the Challenge as I am!!! Yah Body by Vi!

Tomorrow I will get up, make my shake, wash my giant glass blender, and haul it to work on my back (it's just a 40 minute walk, no worries, haha)... in preparation for the big party. I must admit, I am a little nervous :)

Please wish me luck. I think it's about time I find that elusive first customer!

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