Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hump Day = Happy Day

Some Wednesdays, all I can think is: "Thank god the week is half over!" Today, however, was a pretty awesome day. And this is despite the fact that I woke up very tired (all my own fault) from staying up and watching Dexter last night. Damn that show, it shall be the death of my sleep.

Everything that happened today was so uplifting. First off, when I walked through the doors of work, my awesome co-worker Julie informed me that she had just signed up for the Challenge! Yay!!! Another customer. Even better - Julie is a perfect customer, because we are so similar, I just know that she'll achieve amazing results. Julie and I have both been seeing a personal trainer, we've both attempted various diets and gimmicks, we both have our weaknesses to overcome (who isn't a wino nowadays, haha), and we are both determined to lose weight!!! We are always talking about fitness and nutrition, and I love having her at work, because we can relate to the same things. We often trade stories about how hard we worked/suffered at the gym, or what diet deals we've spotted for the day! I am super pumped for Julie to get her shipment and get started! I also think it's awesome she super-duper stockpiled the Neuro energy drinks. I frickin' love Neuro, and I think I got her hooked. Mwhahaha (evil laugh). The Neuro packs are so amazing at work when you need an energy boost, or when you need to concentrate. Gotta love mental clarity on tough days!

I also gotta give a shout out to Julie as she gets her PhD tomorrow - woot woot. Congrats my dear! You kick ass!!!!

You know how I gushed about Joe Roberts yesterday? Well, I wrote him to tell him how awesome he is, and I asked him for advice, and he wrote me back and sent me his book!!! How sweet is that!!!! I can't wait to read "7 secrets to profit from adversity." I know it will be very motivating!!!!

Also amazing - I am planning on holding my next challenge party very soon. Just confirming the date. As soon as I know, I'll write about it, and invite y'all to attend.

I also have to mention that today was my gym day - and I kicked ass! High five to me! My 20 minutes of running at the end was easier than normal, which is a huge bonus. Maybe, just maybe, I might actually have some potential when it comes to that energy-zapping heart-pounding activity. I want to learn how to get "runners high." That sounds fun.

Today, as you can probably tell, I was highly motivated and on the move. I even ran around putting up Visalus posters at work and in my apartment building. Not sure how effective they are (haven't even gotten an e-mail in response)... but I figure I will try anyway. Can't hurt.

Just wondering - to all my readers out there - do you have any advice as to how I should try and promote the Challenge? What's the best way to get the word out to the right people?

I will take "tips." As they say in Alberta, "Tipping...isn't just for cows."

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