Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giant Challenge Party!!! Whoaaa whoaaa.

So today I bravely took the bus to a part of Edmonton I had never even heard of, to gather with my Visalus team members at PHAT Training, to hold a giant challenge party. A one-star ambassador on our team, Jeni Briscoe, was in town to provide training and to help us give this event some pizazz. I really wanted to make an effort to attend, even though I did not have any potential customers to bring with me. I think that watching how these things are done is important, as one day I will have to lead a Challenge Party on my own.

I also wanted to meet a few team members who I've talked to a million times through e-mail, but never met in person - Shandrie and Jamie. Both girls are in my upline, and they've answered a million questions for me. Shandrie is always super helpful and I love writing her, as she is funny and has the best advice. I also love her facebook status updates as she's a huge Oilers fan, which of course melts my heart :) Jamie Senuk is a Presidential Director at Visalus and she's kick-ass at breaking lots of records on our team. She is also a nutritionist, and so she provides free nutrition advice to anyone who joins our team. And if you are wondering, both Jeni and Jamie are pro IFBB competitors, and they are super successful using Visalus to achieve rock hard bodies. In fact, Jamie personally tested the ingredients in the Visalus shake mix in independent laboratories, and she was blown away with the high quality of the product!!!

Shandrie provided me with lots of great advice tonight. First, I wondered what I could do to get more people out the Challenge parties. I've been trying to invite friends, but a lot aren't that interested. Her advice was that I should ask my friends to see if they know anyone that might be interested. Getting specific names and contact information is important. As such, I am going to start asking my friends if they know anyone who wants to improve their health, increase their nutrition, and/or lose weight.

And for all you readers out there - please, send me a comment and let me know if you know anyone who is struggling with weight loss, diabetes, or nutrition issues!!!! I really want to succeed in this business and I need your help.

Besides learning, I also wanted to attend the challenge party to get inspired and energized. Jeni rose to the rank of Ambassador in Visalus in 6 months! She makes a great income and has tons of fun, and it's cool to see how nice and easy going she is. She also mentioned that she's shy and afraid of public speaking. It's heartening to know that people can succeed in this business, even if they aren't natural extroverts or business professionals!

I heard many inspiring real-life stories tonight. A couple of these revolved around diabetes. It's apparently very common for insulin dependent diabetics to be able to reduce or eliminate their insulin after starting the Visalus shakes. The shakes contain sucralose and not sugar, and they are packed with nutrients that keep you full, and so they really help diabetics manage the disease.

One guy working out in Fort Mac at a work camp spoke about how he lost over 30 pounds in the 90 day challenge by drinking two shakes a day. He still ate a huge camp dinner, but the two shakes was enough to drastically improve his diet and help him lose weight.

It was mentioned that a lot of guys are concerned there is not enough protein in the shakes. The thing to remember is that the protein in the Visalus shakes is of a very high quality, and all of it is properly absorbed by the body. As such, it is probably equivalent to the crap that people buy in Popeye's that's loaded with filler.

It was cool that two of the guys at the party were from Fort Mac and dug the shakes!!! I need to find me some Fort Mac boys who wanna supplement their camp food with a kick-ass healthy shake that will give them extra energy and help them stay in shape. Lee, my dear, bring me some boy referrals!!!! (Lee is my bf who works in Fort Mac!!!)

Wow... I learned so much today and I can't even remember it all. It's after 11 (almost 12!) and I am thinking about Visalus and Thailand and Christmas... so much exciting stuff is going on. The girl who is my direct sponsor, Dawn, gave me a ride home, and she has been to Thailand twice, and so she gave me some hotel and site seeing tips. I am super pumped to go on vacation in January!!! And it's gonna be sweet rockin' a bikini after this November from Hell. It's getting harder every day to not drink red wine. I miss it so bad. But I gotta keep my eye on the prize. My weight today was the lowest it's been since I moved back to Edmonton after grad school!!! I guess that two shakes a day and no alcohol works wonders!!!! So, if any of you folks out there are looking to get yr bikini bod back in action, trust me - if I can do it - you can too!!!!

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