Monday, November 7, 2011

The First Day of My New Program

Well, today was the first day of my new personal training program with John at Fitness First. He warned me it would be tough and I would hate him by the end of November, and the new program did not disappoint. It was super tough! I was sweaty and dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. I had to work out non-stop the whole time, and he barely even gave me a second to have a sip of water. But - that's what I pay a trainer for - to whip me into shape and to force me to do things I would never do on my own. John is tough, but fair, ha.

My program starts with a sprint on the treadmill to get my heart-rate up, after that I do two sets of exercises, but each set is a full body work out. For example, one set involves doing a ton of arm moves (attempting chin ups, doing shoulder presses, chest presses, tricep curls etc.), then leg moves (includes jumping lunges and flying squats, fun fun), then abdominal exercises(these are my faves, but super hard - one move even involves me hanging upside down from a bar, like a possum or some crazy creature, and doing sit ups from an upside down position... then i have a zillion other ab moves, and I follow it all up with a plank that seems to last forever!), and then after all that - I can't forget the back! The signature back move is the "dead lift." Gotta love that name. Rather than pumping iron, I felt like lifting myself off the ground after all those crunches was equivalent to a dead lift :)

Each round takes half an hour, for a total of a one hour full body work out. After one hour of this, I do 20 minutes on the treadmill. I am learning to run!!! I've never been able to run, as I get sharp pains in my sides, I have trouble breathing and feel like I am going to die... but John has taught me I can run, I just don't really like it. Running takes practice and I had to slowly build myself from five minutes to six minutes... to twenty minutes! So yah, today was really hard. But I am proud - I survived! AND, I think I might even try to get someone to take photos or videos of me in the gym so you can all see what I go through.

I am hoping that by the end of this month, I'll be able to see abs. That would be quite the pay off!!!!

As for the business side of things - no new customers today. Can't win them all, haha. But that's OK, I am still basking in the afterglow from my successful weekend.

Remember how I was complaining that my blog didn't show up in Google... well, ever since I went ".com," if one Googles "Fat and Fortune," my blog shows up in the NUMBER ONE spot! YAY! I think this is very exciting. In fact, I am thinking about creating other blogs. My other passion (besides fat and fortune) is politics... I wonder if I would have enough time in the day to write two blogs. That would be tough. Maybe I'll wait till I am making a fortune, then I can spend my free time whining about politicians. It seems they hardly ever please me.

Speaking of making a fortune, a member of my upline is a real estate agent, and I checked out her website outta curiosity... and I found a super amazing apartment in my dream area (Whyte Ave!) - how amazing is this?

C'mon shakes. Bring Mama some money :)

All kidding aside, I only have one lesson to report today, business-wise. I entered my e-mail address into all of these websites purporting to offer multi-level marketing (MLM) tips, hoping to get some free advice, and today I did get something useful in an email. I was sent a list of free advertising/classified ad sites. Now, I know everyone has heard of Kijiji and Craigslist, but apparently there are more! At least eight more! For example, there's one called "inetgiant" - it's a free classified service in the US. I just posted a classified there, so I will see how it works! This referral is very helpful, since Visalus is a North American product, and technically, anyone from this great continent can order a shake from me.

Finally, I'll end this blog post with some disturbing news. I think that my obsession with health and wellness and Visalus and the gym has caused others to have nightmares about me! Ha. Well, not quite nightmares, but freaky dreams. My roomie and super-awesome friend Trae had a dream last night that my head was photoshopped onto a male bodybuilder's body, and I was out in the streets, covered in that dark brown tanning stuff that bodybuilders use, trying to sell chocolate protein bars!!! Hahaaaaa. Let's all hope this isn't a snapshot into my future!!!


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