Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fat and Fortune - The Beginning

Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

I’ve named this blog “Fat and Fortune” for a very simple reason. I want to lose fat, and gain a fortune.

I mean, I am 29 years old, soon to enter my 30’s, and I have health and wealth on my mind. I want my body to be strong and fit (and sexy of course) and I want to have the financial means to buy what I want, travel the globe, eat amazing food, etc. Almost all of my interests and goals relate to improving my health and losing those damned 10 pounds I put on in grad school, or improving my financial situation and daydreaming of ways to get rich, become more entrepreneurial, increase my free time, etc. Since I am constantly thinking about fat and fortune, why not blog about it?

To give you an idea of my situation, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As such, lots of my posts will reference Edmonton-specific sites, including local gyms and yoga studios, and of course, local restaurants. I live by Whyte Ave, and all of my health and wellness ventures center around this area. I don’t drive, so things need to be near me in order for me to access them. Oh, the life of a pedestrian.

Recently, I’ve taken up a strategy that I hope will solve my fat and fortune problem in one shot. I think it might also make for an interesting blog topic, as I’ve never done this before, and people might be interested in my journey. About a month ago I learned about a company named Visalus Sciences, which promotes a “Body by Vi” challenge. The company promises that in 90 days you can transform your body by drinking a delicious shake. A shake so delicious, it is “the shake mix that tastes like cake mix.” Sounds almost too good to be true. And, did I mention - you can sell this stuff and get rich as well!

Well, not only did I sign up for the Transformation Kit only two days after learning about it (the most hardcore and expensive kit I may add), but I also decided to become a distributor about a week after receiving my kit in the mail. I tried the products out, and I was sold. The shake is delicious, it is nutritious, it is filling, and it’s the easiest and fastest breakfast ever! I love other Visalus products as well, especially their energy drink called Neuro. Neuro tastes great and gives me clarity of mind and energy. I figured, heck, if I am buying the stuff and like it, why not sell it and learn some skills and make some money while I am at it.

The thought of selling stuff is kinda crazy for a girl who has worked solely in government her whole life and counts research and policy analysis as her strongest skill set. I’ve never sold anything except Kool Aid as a child. I am not particularly persuasive, and I have absolutely zero network marketing skills. So, as you can imagine, discovering the world of sales and marketing is an interesting journey for me. One I’d like to write about as I go… cuz who knows. Maybe someone out there can help me improve my skills. Help me find that elusive first customer. Heck, maybe by the time you read this I’ll be wildly successful, and my blog will help you navigate the waters of network marketing. Or - maybe you are looking to transform your life - to lose fat and gain a fortune - and maybe you want to buy or distribute my products. I mean, that’s how this business is supposed to work, isn’t it.

So today is a special day, and a good day to start my blog because it’s November 1st! I’ve been seeing a personal trainer since February 2011, and we made a deal in August I believe, that November would be my “month from hell.” A month where I listen to what he has to say with regard to my diet. A month where he trains me especially hard. And, OMFG, a month where I am allowed NO BOOZE whatsoever. You see, I’ve gotten a lot stronger this year, but I haven’t really lost weight. And the reason for this is that I drink too much, and when I drink, I eat pizza at night while walking home from Whyte, and wake up to chocolate milk and croissants for breakfast to help nurse the hangover. I am healthy by week, and diet-disaster by weekend. To finally lose those last 10 pounds, I need to get serious.

Today was day 1 of “Operation Jodie Be Good.” It was tough, I will admit. Our entire office was loaded with Halloween candy. Mini chocolate bars of all varieties. Cookies. Candies. Chips. Plus, we also have a treat table set up all week, where people are encouraged to bring baked goods or special goodies. Saying no to all of this deliciousness was not easy. Not to mention, there was left over Chinese food from our Halloween party on the 31st, and it was put out at lunch for everyone to enjoy. Temptation all around!!!!!!!!!

So, I am proud to say that I did pretty good for day one. I only had a tiny little bite of something bad. My girlfriend at work brought in homemade chocolate angel food cake with cinnamon whipped cream. I had a tiny piece. So tiny. She forced me to try it. And she does make her baked goods as healthy as possible. I know this for a fact as her skinny boyfriend is always trying to be skinnier. I do feel guilty for straying slightly on day one, but I am also proud, as I know that normally today would have been a pig out day from hell.

I also did my Save-on shopping tonight, as the first Tuesday of the month is save 15% day. I bought ingredients for homemade chicken vegetable soup, which I will make tomorrow after the gym. In the meantime, I am marinating the chicken in my left over beer. I had half a bottle of La Fin Du Monde left over from the 31st, and while I cannot drink it, I figured that turning it into a marinade is OK. Baby steps. Losing fat and gaining a fortune isn’t something that happens overnight.


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