Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cultivating a "Possibility Mindset"

It was another kick-ass day at the Diverse Voices Family Violence Conference. The highlight for me was watching Joe Roberts' presentation entitled, "From Skid Row to CEO." Joe had an inspiring story - he went from being a homeless drug addict on the streets of Vancouver to a successful CEO - and better yet, he told his story with humor and pizazz. I learned a lot from him and ate up every word he offered about how to succeed in life and achieve your goals. I will try and recount his best nuggets of wisdom:

- To achieve our dreams, we need to have a possibility mindset, and not a probability mindset. With a possibility mindset, you can achieve anything. Anything is possible! With a probability mindset, you'll always end up with what you got.

- The secrets to success are simple, but not easy:

1. Choose what you want to do
2. Get busy doing it
3. Don't stop till you succeed

- High performance is abnormal. If you give something all you got, you will excel, as you will be putting in more energy than the average person. Think about it, most humans are lazy and give the minimal amount of effort required to do a given task. Humans have a survival instinct, and naturally want to conserve energy. While this instinct may have served us well in ancient times, we now lack threats, and the need to conserve energy is no longer relevant.

-Discontent is the catalyst for change!

- Many positive things are associated with change - excitement, possibilities, opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, see new places. Also, change creates energy and momentum, and has a ripple effect. Once it gets rolling, it can spread!

- Change is a massive opportunity

- Fear rips us off, leads us towards mediocrity and causes us to miss opportunities

- When embracing change, have a proper mindset (focused on possibility) and develop a clear vision - stake a claim!

- Commitment is the willingness to carry through with an action long after the mood in which it was created is gone.

- We should all have a bucket list. Studies have found that when you write stuff down, it's more likely to get done.

- It's not the big things that make you successful in life, but persistent effort, day after day. Make a list and get five small tasks done every day that help you work towards a bigger long-term goal.

- Believe in oneself -"Yes, I can!"

I just love all of this advice. I will keep it in mind with regard to my fat and fortune goals. I want to be fit, and I want to be rich. I need to take small steps every day that take me in this direction. I need to keep going to the gym, make positive food choices, put effort into distributing Visalus every day, keep learning about marketing and the Internet, and believe that things will fall into place. Change is often slow to start, but once it gets going - look out!!!!!

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