Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back on Track, and Getting Experimental

Today was one of those days where things just work out and feel good, and it seems like I am functioning at a higher level. I kicked butt at work and finished a report I had been working on for awhile. That felt good! My new Visalus order also arrived - and it was a huge one. Not only did I order the Transformation Kit for myself, but I also ordered some new products: Visalus Pro (a pre-workout energy drink), 15 shake samples so that potential customers can try the product first, chocolate chip cookies (they are healthy - full of veggies and protein!), and a pack of chocolate favour mix-ins. Yay!

I tried a cookie and Pro prior to my workout - and I really liked both. I must say, however, I just learned that Visalus is taking away Neuro in Canada and replacing it with Pro, because Canadian regulations don't let them market it as an energy drink (the caffeine is too low!!!). That's crazy. It gives a natural energy, and clarity of mind. Who cares if it is low in caffeine???!!! I love the flavor of Neuro, and I am addicted to it, and so I am sad to see it go. I might go through withdrawal.

My experiments today included two new shakes, one for breakfast and one for dinner. Breakfast was a strawberry cheesecake shake - it had frozen strawberries, low fat cream cheese, one graham cracker, almond milk and Vi-Shape. It was pretty tasty! It would be good if I was craving dessert or sweets. And for dinner - I had a pumpkin pie shake - some canned pumpkin with nutmeg and cinnamon and vanilla, with the Vi-Shape and almond milk. Yummy! And very healthy.

Today the gym went good as well - I did my whole workout, plus added three reps to all my muscle activities. So I guess I could say it was my hardest work out ever!!!! Woot woot. I really like my current program and it's going awesome.

There's a big Visalus promo coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned. I've heard a rumor it involves free shipping for Thursday and Friday!!!

Have a great sleep y'all!!! And I hope my kick-butt day is contagious :)

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